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Why you’re not getting a follow back on Instagram

So you are following people and you’re wondering why they aren’t following you back 🤷🏽‍♀️

5 reasons why you’re not getting followed back on Instagram:

1. Different Niche

Your profile is a different niche than the user visiting your profile or they can’t tell what your Instagram offers.  People want to follow you if you’re providing value.  Unless you’re some trainer or a hot model, no one really cares about your selfies or your gym routine.

2. FUGLY feed

Your Instagram feed is ugly.  Yes.  I said it.  Your photos are blurry, there is no flow or aesthetic and you’re using different filters for each photo.

3.Your captions are not telling a story

What story are you sharing with your audience?  People are nosy and bored on Instagram so you have to give them something to stop scrolling and read your content but also something to remember you by. You sharing your thoughts and experiences makes it personal and memorable.   

4. Authentic and transparent

Be vulnerable and share something that you are going through so people can relate.  When everyone is posting perfect squares and “living their best life” show your human side.

5. Ghosting your Instagram account

Ghosting pretty much means you have stopped posting. If a user stumbles upon your account and the last post was dated 3 months… why would they want to follow you if aren’t even active on the gram? They already know you won’t be contributing to the engagement so it doesn’t benefit their account to follow you.

Next Monday I’ll be sharing the Art of having someone follow you back.  Until then read about how to boost your Instagram post organically here.

Instagram captions that get you comments/likes

So you finally chose a picture for the gram but you have no idea what caption to write. Maybe you should leave a few emojis? NO. DON’T EVER JUST PUT EMOJIS.

Personally I don’t follow accounts that don’t provide me any value.  Depending on your brand and service your caption should benefit the reader.

Ready to write easy to read captions that get you engagement?! Okurrr (If you know, you know)


So let’s start off with the hook. That is the first few words your followers see when scrolling.
Make sure you hit them with something enticing and exactly what your caption will be discussing.

Here are a few examples of some great hooks/headlines.

Yesterday I was in Target and the lady behind me…

I lost 40 lbs in 6 months…

I grew 50 followers in 2 days


Example of a BAD no spaced caption. ⬇️

Do you see what a headache this is to read? Exactly, so no one will read that mumbo jumbo, and some may even unfollow you.  I’m guilty. 🙈

GOOD Caption example:

Try to write your paragraphs with space.  It just makes it easier for the reader and your message just flows.

Use www.pretty-caption.com a website that easily creates empty white spaces. After typing your caption on pretty-caption’s website simply copy and paste the text straight on to your Instagram post.


The Call To Action is literally the action you want your followers to take. You have to tell people what to do sometimes.

If you are selling something your CTA can be “buy now,” “register now,” or “click here.” The most common is “link in bio.”  

You can also have a fun CTA by asking a question to your audience. I love learning about my followers because I realize how much in common we have.

See the example below where I asked my followers what’s their favorite drink and so much of my community engaged. I got 173 likes and 63 comments.

On my next post I’ll be sharing how you can get reposted on top accounts and get more traffic to your Instagram account. Read this post on how to organically boost your Instagram post for more likes and comments.

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Organically boost your Instagram post engagement by doing these 5 things

Many people just post and wait for the likes to happen. In the words of Brittney Spears you better WERK. I understand creating that post took time but trust me you want to make sure you leave just 30 minutes after you post to ENGAGE which helps boost your post organically. Instagram will push out your post out to more people depending on how much engagement your post is receiving the first 30 mins it is live. The following steps will ensure you have boosted your post organically.

Instagram story

This is the first thing you should be doing after sharing your post. Tap the airplane icon on your post (which is found below your post). Once you tap the airplane, it gives you an option to send it in a private message or make it your story. Make sure you add the gif “tap here” So people actually tap on your story which takes them to your post. I advise adding music or an image covering your post so people are curious to see what it’s about.

Reply to your comments

I really don’t understand why some users do not reply to their comments. People are busy and they took time out of their day to write to you. Not only is it proper social media etiquette to write back, but it also boosts your engagement. If you get 15 comments on your post and you replied to each once individually then your post has quickly shot up to 30 comments. This increase in engagement will signal Instagram to boost your post further.

Like and comment in the hashtags you just used

In your post you should have already used niche hashtags. Go into at least 10 of your hashtags you used for the post and comment on 10 recent photos that have uploaded. Please make sure it is at least 4 letters and not just emojis. Going into 10 of your niches and leaving 10 comments each means you would have left 100 comments. This number might scare you but it’s possible to do this in 20 minutes. People that have recently uploaded are more likely to return the favor by either liking or commenting your photo back. If you want to learn how to engage with hashtags daily be sure to check out my 20 20 20 engagement rule that I quickly teach here.

Ask a question in the comments section

Switch it up sometimes and have your call to action (CTA) in the comments. CTA is when you direct or ask your audience something.

Analyze your data

Did you ever wonder what content is getting you followers, website clicks, who is sharing your post via story/DM, and how many people saved your post?! If you have a business profile, click the “view insights” under your post. Once you tap “view insights” swipe up to see the full insights. You can see all this info and so much more.

Analyzing your data gives you important metrics for future content, like how many people your hashtags attracted, or how many people followed you based on that post. You then want to continuously post content and use hashtags that bring the most engagement in.

Instagram post answer: You can’t view who exactly shared your post in a DM/Story. You can breathe again 😂

2 people shared this post via story or DM
3 people saved this post
3 people followed me because of this post.

Feel free to shoot me a DM if you have any questions regarding your growth on social media.

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How to organically grow your Instagram account with tips that actually work.

I’ll be sharing tips with you I hardly see on the internet, and it’s not your bullshit tips of “post consistently” or “post good quality photos.”

20 20 20 Engagement rule

If you are putting all your time and energy into creating content, you are missing the opportunity of making new relationships.

I have my 20 20 20 rule I teach my clients. I tell them for only 20 minutes a day, go into 20 hashtags in your niche and leave meaningful comments in a few of the “top” posts. After you have done this, then comment/like on 20 accounts on your own Instagram followers’ posts. Your comment should be at least 4 letters and actually respond to the call to action of the post. Call to Action is when you ask your audience a question at the end of your caption or you direct them to a link.

Let me show you an example of the “top” posts engagement. I searched the hashtag #momprenuerlife and I would comment on a few of the top posts’ accounts. I wouldn’t do that particular top post; I go into the account and go on their latest picture. Some of these “top” posts have been sitting there for weeks. You want your comment to be on a post that is still being viewed by users in your niche.

Remember the first 30 minutes after you post on Instagram is when you should be getting the most engagement. Once Instagram sees the increased engagement it boosts your content further. There are several strategies on boosting your Instagram post but I’ll save that for another time.

Bio section

Add a high resolution profile picture that clearly shows your face or business logo. Add a bright yellow, green, blue, or pink circle around your profile picture. When you are in a pool of comments, your profile picture will stand out which brings in potential followers and customers. OR have a bright background color in your profile picture like I do.

Don’t repeat your username in the bio. This section is crucial because if someone is searching “Miami photographer” or “social media coach,” your profile will be in one of the top search results. No one searches your name unless you’re Derek Jeter or Beyonce.

Celebrating Success

Many of your Instagram community are reaching milestones so congratulate them! If a fellow blogger came out with an E-Book, or just hit 5,000 followers make it your story and have others follow them. When you are trying out a chef’s recipe make it a story and tag them. The people you mention in your stories can repost you and bring you in new followers. Instagram is about building a community and sharing others achievements as well.


Find bloggers in your niche that are more likely to agree on collaborating. You can collaborate so many ways like the following:

  1. Story hop (Chatting about a topic and mentioning the bloggers you are story hopping with) This method brings in the followers of the account(s) you are collaborating with.
  2. Giveaways/Contests When you hosts these users usually have to follow your account. I suggest if you are going to host giveaways and contests make sure you are doing something specific to your niche. You do not want users to follow you and then unfollow you after the giveaway/contest ends.


Know your damn niche. If you know what your niche is, you will be inviting the correct audience and people will follow you because they understand what value your page is offering them. To learn more about niches click here.

Hashtags/Tagging accounts


Once you know your niche you will be able to easily understand which hashtags to use. If my niche is educating people on social media, I would use #miamimomblogger #instagrammarketingtip #instagramgrowthtips I wouldn’t use #computer #marketing #Instagram.

Really milk all 30 hashtags and break down your hashtags in 3 categories:

  1. Location/niche
  2. Only your niche
  3. Customized hashtags created by big accounts

Location + Niche= #Miamimomblogger #Miamiartist #Miamidigitalmarketing

Only Your Niche= #MomBlogger #Mompreneur #socialmediacoach

Big account customized hashtag= Coca Cola #togetherisbeautiful

Colourpopcosmetics customized hashtag = #ColourPopMe

Tagging accounts

I like to tag accounts that I know curate content and would benefit sharing my post.

Engage more than you post. Many people think it’s all about posting on your own account many times a day/week—unless you’re a meme account posting many times works in your favor. Otherwise, focus more on engagement than posting.

Instagram Stories

Try to post valuable content daily or at least 3-4 times a week. People like to see the person behind the brand. Personally, I follow some people not because of their instagram feed but more so because of their stories. I want to know the everyday life of how Moms who own businesses tackle their day with kids and career. Also, make your stories fun by adding:

  • Music
  • Gifs/Stickers
  • @Mention accounts (so you can get reposted)
  • Use apps to make your stories look more fun. I like to use Story Art or Color Story.

Ok guys I have SO MUCH MORE to share with you like:

  • The Art of having someone follow you within 5 minutes
  • 5 things you should be doing after posting on Instagram.
  • How to pick niche hashtags that grow your Instagram account.

Comment below or DM me if you would like a part 2 on this topic.

Have a happy and successful week ahead!

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How to choose a profitable Instagram niche.

How to find your Niche?

Before finding your niche you have to understand what it is.  Niche is a segment of your market that caters to a specific group of people.  For a longer definition read the glossary at the end of this blog post. ⬇️

Industry: Health & Fitness

Niche example : Workout clothes [product] for moms who breastfeed [target audience] 

Make sure you put your niche statement in your Instagram bio, so your audience understands who you are and what solution you provide.

Bad example of a niche statement on Instagram:

I am a trainer that helps you lose weight and get the body you always wanted.
⬆️ This statement sounds gimmicky and is full of fluff.

Good example of a niche statement on Instagram:

I’m a certified trainer that specializes in exercises specifically for mothers that have diastatis recti (seperation of abdominal muscles) after giving birth.

Continue reading

Easy tutorial on how to create alt text on Instagram photos

What is Instagram’s alternative text tag?

Alternative text a.k.a alt text is NOT a new term and is often used in websites.  It is written text that takes the place of an image if it doesn’t load.  It also describes your image to people who have visual impairments.  Search engines use crawlers that scan your alt text if it is written correctly.  This can potentially lead to more followers and a higher engagement rate because your image has shown up in SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).

How to use alt tags

On Instagram, choose the image you want to upload and hit “next.” Scroll to the bottom and tap Advanced Settings. Choose the option “write alt text.”

Upload picture and tap “Next”

Tap “Next”

Scroll down and tap “Advanced Settings”

Scroll down and tap “Write alt text”

Write your Alt text in the text box and remember to tap “Done”

Good alt text:

“A black iPhone being held with the screen showing an instagram feed.”

Bad alt text:

“An image of a person holding a black smartphone with lots of smaller images in squares.”

What helps me write alt text is looking at the picture I am uploading, then closing my eyes and using descriptive words that paint that same picture in my mind.

Here are some more tips for writing alt text:

-Do not put the words “picture of” or “this is an image of.” Screen reading tools can pick up that it is an image.

-Keep your alt text fewer than 125 characters so you are sure to use descriptive words and get to the point of what the picture is about.

-Use your keywords in the alt text. If your photo is about a banana split on instagram, then make sure you have “banana split” written.

Happy New Year!

What a year 2018 was. I hope 2019 brings lots of joy, and it’s a year of happy beginnings for you all. 2018 was a year where I crossed off a lot of things on my bucket list. I was grateful to visit Banff, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and start a blog that is about food, art and my new chapter being a mom.

I learned so much about the blogging world and how long filming takes—even just for a 30 sec clip. Most of all, it taught me patience and that things don’t always go as planned. We can create a timeline of our goals, and we have to accept some goals take longer to reach.

My goal is to organize this blog space and add more healthy recipes, instagram worthy food spots and fun events for you to visit in South Florida.

What are some of your goals for 2019?


Future blog posts of Artechouse and The Art Banksy Exhibit coming soon!

Instagram worthy date night spots can be found here