Welcome to Salma's Palette
Welcome to Salma's Palette

Why you’re not getting a follow back on Instagram

So you are following people and you’re wondering why they aren’t following you back 🤷🏽‍♀️

5 reasons why you’re not getting followed back on Instagram:

1. Different Niche

Your profile is a different niche than the user visiting your profile or they can’t tell what your Instagram offers.  People want to follow you if you’re providing value.  Unless you’re some trainer or a hot model, no one really cares about your selfies or your gym routine.

2. FUGLY feed

Your Instagram feed is ugly.  Yes.  I said it.  Your photos are blurry, there is no flow or aesthetic and you’re using different filters for each photo.

3.Your captions are not telling a story

What story are you sharing with your audience?  People are nosy and bored on Instagram so you have to give them something to stop scrolling and read your content but also something to remember you by. You sharing your thoughts and experiences makes it personal and memorable.   

4. Authentic and transparent

Be vulnerable and share something that you are going through so people can relate.  When everyone is posting perfect squares and “living their best life” show your human side.

5. Ghosting your Instagram account

Ghosting pretty much means you have stopped posting. If a user stumbles upon your account and the last post was dated 3 months… why would they want to follow you if aren’t even active on the gram? They already know you won’t be contributing to the engagement so it doesn’t benefit their account to follow you.

Next Monday I’ll be sharing the Art of having someone follow you back.  Until then read about how to boost your Instagram post organically here.

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