Welcome to Salma's Palette
Welcome to Salma's Palette


Welcome guys!

a girl in a coffee shop with brown hair in a pony tail with a laptop and iced coffee open.

My name is Salma and I was born and bred in the concrete jungle aka New York City 🗽

I’m currently living in Los Angeles working as a social media coach helping content creators and businesses grow their digital platforms, land sponsorships, and make sales.  I previously worked in digital marketing for MTV, Vera Wang, Clorox and many other global brands and top tier agencies.  I also hold workshops in Miami, Los Angeles and New York.  Check out one of the workshops we did here.

Join my other Instagram page @SocialCafeGroup where I connect South Florida content creators and brands through collaboration and events.

If you ever need to pick my brain or ask questions please DM me.