Welcome to Salma's Palette
Welcome to Salma's Palette

How to increase your engagement during the Holidays

The last week of November is pretty much Thanksgiving followed by non stop holiday parties and then New Years.

How the hell do you stay relevant and make sure your engagement is high during the holiday season?

Well homie, I did some research for you, and I’m sharing my tips with you below.

IG stories

Make your stories fun and show people what you’re up to. I know it’s hard to do 3-5 posts on your newsfeed a week, but stories are quick, fun and they expire after 24 hrs.

Are you going away for the Holidays? Show IG stories of yourself packing or at the airport.

People are nosy AF so what I love doing is just taking a picture inside of the plane or show a suitcase and ask your audience where they think you’re going.

When people engage with you, your profile is staying relevant and they remember your brand or business.

Make your stories fun and show stuff that is worth showing.

If you are a cosmetics company, show behind the scenes of a product you’re coming out with.

Public content schedule

Create a schedule of how many times a week you will be posting during the Holiday season.

Let your audience know how many times you’re posting, so they come back to your profile. Everyone knows I come out with a new blog post related to business and Instagram organic growth every Monday.

It also puts pressure on you to get your sh*t done.

Valuable content

Even if you post on Instagram once a week make sure it’s worth while. The most amount of engagement I get on my Instagram profile and blog is Mondays. My audience knows I drop a juicy blog post to help them level up on their brand and business.

How to find valuable content?

I ask my audience during the week which topic they would like to see, and I create it.

Your followers are following your brand or business page for a reason. Think about your brand and everything it entails. Give your audience content they can benefit from.

Do you need help finding content ideas? Read this quick blog post here.

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