Welcome to Salma's Palette
Welcome to Salma's Palette

Apps that help you create an Instagram aesthetic

Creating an Instagram aesthetic is probably one of the hardest things to create and be consistent with when creating content.

This process usually takes a few hours to do with my clients, but it helps make your profile stand out and attract new followers.

Once you have your theme or aesthetic figured out, check out some apps I recommend below.


Dress up your images with different fonts, thought bubbles and badges. Try to always use the same 2-3 fonts so it is consistent on your feed.


Snapseed is so freaking awesome! You can edit photos and even remove people from your background. There is so much to do with this free app.

Retro VHS and VHS cam

Not only is the interface for this app retro, it creates vintage and retro vibes. Perfect for B-rolls or just if you like some VHS vibes. I prefer the VHS cam app over the Retro VHS because you can do more with the app. Also omg the selfie option for the Retro VHS app is so scary. It makes you look like a monster! LOL

The interface for both of these apps are super cute as you can see below.

UNUM, Planoly or Preview.

These preview apps are SO important because they will help you stay consistent with your aesthetic.

The way these apps work is by uploading a photo or a series of photos on your Instagram feed.

These photos DO NOT get published onto your feed. It is just so you can see how your photos will look in your overall Instagram squares. If you are happy how your image fits, then you can upload directly from the app.

I suggest uploading directly from Instagram because you get higher engagement when you’re not using 3rd party apps to upload on Instagram.

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