Welcome to Salma's Palette
Welcome to Salma's Palette

Organically boost your Instagram post engagement by doing these 5 things

Many people just post and wait for the likes to happen. In the words of Brittney Spears you better WERK. I understand creating that post took time but trust me you want to make sure you leave just 30 minutes after you post to ENGAGE which helps boost your post organically. Instagram will push out your post out to more people depending on how much engagement your post is receiving the first 30 mins it is live. The following steps will ensure you have boosted your post organically.

Instagram story

This is the first thing you should be doing after sharing your post. Tap the airplane icon on your post (which is found below your post). Once you tap the airplane, it gives you an option to send it in a private message or make it your story. Make sure you add the gif “tap here” So people actually tap on your story which takes them to your post. I advise adding music or an image covering your post so people are curious to see what it’s about.

Reply to your comments

I really don’t understand why some users do not reply to their comments. People are busy and they took time out of their day to write to you. Not only is it proper social media etiquette to write back, but it also boosts your engagement. If you get 15 comments on your post and you replied to each once individually then your post has quickly shot up to 30 comments. This increase in engagement will signal Instagram to boost your post further.

Like and comment in the hashtags you just used

In your post you should have already used niche hashtags. Go into at least 10 of your hashtags you used for the post and comment on 10 recent photos that have uploaded. Please make sure it is at least 4 letters and not just emojis. Going into 10 of your niches and leaving 10 comments each means you would have left 100 comments. This number might scare you but it’s possible to do this in 20 minutes. People that have recently uploaded are more likely to return the favor by either liking or commenting your photo back. If you want to learn how to engage with hashtags daily be sure to check out my 20 20 20 engagement rule that I quickly teach here.

Ask a question in the comments section

Switch it up sometimes and have your call to action (CTA) in the comments. CTA is when you direct or ask your audience something.

Analyze your data

Did you ever wonder what content is getting you followers, website clicks, who is sharing your post via story/DM, and how many people saved your post?! If you have a business profile, click the “view insights” under your post. Once you tap “view insights” swipe up to see the full insights. You can see all this info and so much more.

Analyzing your data gives you important metrics for future content, like how many people your hashtags attracted, or how many people followed you based on that post. You then want to continuously post content and use hashtags that bring the most engagement in.

Instagram post answer: You can’t view who exactly shared your post in a DM/Story. You can breathe again 😂

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Feel free to shoot me a DM if you have any questions regarding your growth on social media.

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