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How to grow your Instagram community without posting everyday

Posting on your Instagram feed and stories almost daily can be exhausting and also cause anxiety.  Here’s what you can do instead to stay engaged with your current followers and grow your community on the Gram!


Repost other accounts on your stories


Repost from someone similar to your niche on to your stories or mention them in your stories.  If you do not use @mention sticker, they will not be notified and they also won’t be able to reshare your story on their story (story inception 😄).  Usually when you repost content from another user they will reshare your story.  Your screen name will then be visible to a new community and hopefully some new members will join your Instagram space.


Join Instagram lives


Join Instagram lives from your current community and make sure you ask a really valuable question.  Your user name will stand out among all the live attendees.  Follow some of the people in the live after it is over and don’t forget to keep the conversation going in the DMs.


Attend free and paid online events in your industry


Attend events from your peers like co working hours.  You will make face to face connections that can lead to new opportunities and you will be welcoming new members to your Instagram community.  

I’m hosting my next co working power hour on Monday August 10th at 12 noon PST/3 pm ET. Want more deets?  DM me at @SalmasPalette with your e-mail address so I can send you the invite.

This free co working hour is for an entrepreneur or blogger that would like some online company while working on their project.  The last 3 sessions have been super successful and filled with inspiring and helpful women.

Let’s all share some juicy tips on how you are growing your Instagram page in the comments below. 

How to increase your engagement with the removal of Instagram’s like button.

Do you still have the Instagram like feature on your account?

If so, not for long! Instagram will completely get rid of this feature.

Canada and so many countries have rolled out with this feature already.  

Here are 3 tips on how to still get engagement on your Instagram account regardless of what changes Instagram rolls out

1. Post polls and ask questions on your stories

The more people that engage on your stories lets Instagram know that you are posting valuable content. When you are posting your morning cup of coffee or green tea, have your audience interact and have fun with the story: quiz them on what you’re drinking.

2. Post meaningful stories every 3-5 hours.

If you have a business, share products that your target market can benefit from.
For instance if you are a vegan bakery, you can share content from other businesses that sell vegan icing or vegan butter for baking.

3. Engage with your audiences’ stories

Take 20 minutes out of your day and engage with the stories that are about to expire.  Instead of engaging with the top 3 you see on your Instagram home screen, scroll all the way to the right until you reach the end.  Interact with these stories that are expiring soon because you could have missed a great opportunity to connect.

When you interact with people’s stories, you are more memorable and people will return the favor by coming onto your profile.

Why do you think Instagram got rid of the likes feature?  Let me know in the comments below.

Next week I will be sharing how to build a community on Instagram.

Until then read about how to get more profile visits on your Instagram account here.

Here are content creation creation tools to help you create engaging content.

The art of having someone follow you back on Instagram

Hey welcome back!

Did you guys have a good weekend?

Save this blog post link because it’s great to refer back to.

Today I’m going to teach you two ways you can have someone follow you back on Instagram.  Before we start, here’s a quick checklist:

1. Make sure the person is in your niche (mommy blogger, Lifestyle blogger, pilates instructor, daycare owner and etc.)

2. Your bio has to be fully optimized.  Meaning if  a stranger comes on your Instagram account, they will understand what category you fit into.  Maybe you are a mommy blogger, chef, photographer, or a makeup artist. There is a link down below that will help you further understand how to fully optimize your profile.

3.  Don’t follow anyone that has more than 5K followers than your own following.  (This doesn’t pertain to you if you have over 100K followers)

Ok, once you’ve checked off these items above,we get to the fun part… finding your next IG community member.

Once you found someone in your niche, you are going to leave a meaningful comment on their latest post and like 5-6 of their photos. Lastly, you will then hit the follow button.  
Usually, this should work but say the account has over 10 K followers. Chances are they just didn’t see your likes or saw that one comment you left.

If you don’t get a follow back what you are going to do is turn on post notifications for their account, so whenever they do post again you have another chance to write a meaningful comment.  I realized asking a question relating to their caption or image works better than a compliment.

How to turn on post notifications

Once you have left a second meaningful question you are then going to slide into their DMs.  You are going to take the convo off the newsfeed and ask them another question or you provide value to them.  Read my example below.

I want a social media coach to follow me and I see she is traveling to New York.  Let’s name this girl Sarah.  After I leave a public comment, I will DM Sarah restaurants that she should check out. 

Sarah will appreciate the list I have sent her and the discount specials only a local would know.  Sarah will then check out my IG and realize oh this girl Salma is in my niche and we share similar interests!

Sarah will realize Salma has been supporting her lately and Sarah will follow Salma back. Sarah realizes that Salma will be an active community member who engages with her content.

BAM! There you go.  That’s two ways to have someone follow you back.  

Just a reminder as a business, it doesn’t matter how many likes you have but the income that is coming in.  Building a community is important and you should work on it at least 3x a week engaging with new people and nurturing your current followers.

DM me to let me know what I should help you with next?

If you’re still not getting a follow back after following the above steps, read 5 reasons why you’re not getting a follow back on Instagram here.

If you aren’t seeing comments and likes on your Instagram post check out this quick blog post I wrote.


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How to choose a profitable Instagram niche.

How to find your Niche?

Before finding your niche you have to understand what it is.  Niche is a segment of your market that caters to a specific group of people.  For a longer definition read the glossary at the end of this blog post. ⬇️

Industry: Health & Fitness

Niche example : Workout clothes [product] for moms who breastfeed [target audience] 

Make sure you put your niche statement in your Instagram bio, so your audience understands who you are and what solution you provide.

Bad example of a niche statement on Instagram:

I am a trainer that helps you lose weight and get the body you always wanted.
⬆️ This statement sounds gimmicky and is full of fluff.

Good example of a niche statement on Instagram:

I’m a certified trainer that specializes in exercises specifically for mothers that have diastatis recti (seperation of abdominal muscles) after giving birth.

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