Welcome to Salma's Palette
Welcome to Salma's Palette

Instagram captions that get you comments/likes

So you finally chose a picture for the gram but you have no idea what caption to write. Maybe you should leave a few emojis? NO. DON’T EVER JUST PUT EMOJIS.

Personally I don’t follow accounts that don’t provide me any value.  Depending on your brand and service your caption should benefit the reader.

Ready to write easy to read captions that get you engagement?! Okurrr (If you know, you know)


So let’s start off with the hook. That is the first few words your followers see when scrolling.
Make sure you hit them with something enticing and exactly what your caption will be discussing.

Here are a few examples of some great hooks/headlines.

Yesterday I was in Target and the lady behind me…

I lost 40 lbs in 6 months…

I grew 50 followers in 2 days


Example of a BAD no spaced caption. ⬇️

Do you see what a headache this is to read? Exactly, so no one will read that mumbo jumbo, and some may even unfollow you.  I’m guilty. 🙈

GOOD Caption example:

Try to write your paragraphs with space.  It just makes it easier for the reader and your message just flows.

Use www.pretty-caption.com a website that easily creates empty white spaces. After typing your caption on pretty-caption’s website simply copy and paste the text straight on to your Instagram post.


The Call To Action is literally the action you want your followers to take. You have to tell people what to do sometimes.

If you are selling something your CTA can be “buy now,” “register now,” or “click here.” The most common is “link in bio.”  

You can also have a fun CTA by asking a question to your audience. I love learning about my followers because I realize how much in common we have.

See the example below where I asked my followers what’s their favorite drink and so much of my community engaged. I got 173 likes and 63 comments.

On my next post I’ll be sharing how you can get reposted on top accounts and get more traffic to your Instagram account. Read this post on how to organically boost your Instagram post for more likes and comments.

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