Welcome to Salma's Palette
Welcome to Salma's Palette

Changes you should make to your Instagram account for the new year.

Happy New Year everyone! Oh yes! Finally we get to live in the Roaring 20s 😉

So we are on that New Year, New Me mood.

How about changing up your Instagram account as well?

Below are 3 tips that you can implement to make your Instagram account feel brand new and help bring in potential customers, leads and build a community.

Change account name

I know this might be such a tough one to change, but if your current screen name is Mami, too many underscores or looks like an AIM screen name, it’s time to change your screen name.

If you are a content creator or a business, really think about which screen name will instantly speak about your Instagram account.

If you are a content creator it’s okay to include your real name in your screen name. Many people think it’s “boring” to just have your name but think about all the top designers and influencers who have branded their name and created multimillionaire dollar companies out of it.


Instagram is a community and one that you must be social on. If you have accounts looking on your Instagram stories and never engaging with your stories or commenting/liking your newsfeed, please do yourself a favor and delete them. Your Instagram algorithm doesn’t need them in your life.

I would also unfollow accounts that you are always leaving comments and engaging with but they never return the favor.

The last category of accounts you should unfollow are ones that are not active. This is the account that hasn’t posted in over a year.

Instagram account highlights

If you have had the same highlight cover colors for more than a year, switch it up. Go on to canva.com and you can easily create highlight covers.

Update your highlight stories as well. Add latest stories in your highlights so if a potential follower is on your account, they know you are active. When someone sees your last highlight was from 86 weeks ago why would they follow you?

Accounts follow other accounts that are active and contributing to their engagement.

If you need help building a community with a small following read this quick post here.

Here is a list of content creation tools to help you create content quicker.

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