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Content ideas when you have nothing to post

Vulnerable story 

Let’s face it, Instagram is usually full of happy faces 🙂 We normally see perfect lives depicted on our favorite social media platforms.

That’s why sharing a struggle or a personal experience is a great idea. People will empathize or your story will resonate & encourage someone going through a similar challenges.

Content ideas:

The struggles of owning a start up business

Story of failing your first 4 businesses

Share more about yourself

People are nosy/curious and want to learn more about their Instagram icons or followers.

Things you can share:

  • What you do as a living
  • How did you start your business
  • How did you meet your significant other


Teach your viewers something that provides value.  If you are a social media coach or even a content creator, you can share:

3 types of apps to take your Instagram story to the next level

Strategies to grow organically on Instagram

How to properly record a video for IGTV

Once you have your content idea locked down read about how to write a caption that gets you the most amount of engagement here