How to organically grow your Instagram account with tips that actually work.

I’ll be sharing tips with you I hardly see on the internet, and it’s not your bullshit tips of “post consistently” or “post good quality photos.”

20 20 20 Engagement rule

If you are putting all your time and energy into creating content, you are missing the opportunity of making new relationships.

I have my 20 20 20 rule I teach my clients. I tell them for only 20 minutes a day, go into 20 hashtags in your niche and leave meaningful comments in a few of the “top” posts. After you have done this, then comment/like on 20 accounts on your own Instagram followers’ posts. Your comment should be at least 4 letters and actually respond to the call to action of the post. Call to Action is when you ask your audience a question at the end of your caption or you direct them to a link.

Let me show you an example of the “top” posts engagement. I searched the hashtag #momprenuerlife and I would comment on a few of the top posts’ accounts. I wouldn’t do that particular top post; I go into the account and go on their latest picture. Some of these “top” posts have been sitting there for weeks. You want your comment to be on a post that is still being viewed by users in your niche.

Remember the first 30 minutes after you post on Instagram is when you should be getting the most engagement. Once Instagram sees the increased engagement it boosts your content further. There are several strategies on boosting your Instagram post but I’ll save that for another time.

Bio section

Add a high resolution profile picture that clearly shows your face or business logo. Add a bright yellow, green, blue, or pink circle around your profile picture. When you are in a pool of comments, your profile picture will stand out which brings in potential followers and customers. OR have a bright background color in your profile picture like I do.

Don’t repeat your username in the bio. This section is crucial because if someone is searching “Miami photographer” or “social media coach,” your profile will be in one of the top search results. No one searches your name unless you’re Derek Jeter or Beyonce.

Celebrating Success

Many of your Instagram community are reaching milestones so congratulate them! If a fellow blogger came out with an E-Book, or just hit 5,000 followers make it your story and have others follow them. When you are trying out a chef’s recipe make it a story and tag them. The people you mention in your stories can repost you and bring you in new followers. Instagram is about building a community and sharing others achievements as well.


Find bloggers in your niche that are more likely to agree on collaborating. You can collaborate so many ways like the following:

  1. Story hop (Chatting about a topic and mentioning the bloggers you are story hopping with) This method brings in the followers of the account(s) you are collaborating with.
  2. Giveaways/Contests When you hosts these users usually have to follow your account. I suggest if you are going to host giveaways and contests make sure you are doing something specific to your niche. You do not want users to follow you and then unfollow you after the giveaway/contest ends.


Know your damn niche. If you know what your niche is, you will be inviting the correct audience and people will follow you because they understand what value your page is offering them. To learn more about niches click here.

Hashtags/Tagging accounts


Once you know your niche you will be able to easily understand which hashtags to use. If my niche is educating people on social media, I would use #miamimomblogger #instagrammarketingtip #instagramgrowthtips I wouldn’t use #computer #marketing #Instagram.

Really milk all 30 hashtags and break down your hashtags in 3 categories:

  1. Location/niche
  2. Only your niche
  3. Customized hashtags created by big accounts

Location + Niche= #Miamimomblogger #Miamiartist #Miamidigitalmarketing

Only Your Niche= #MomBlogger #Mompreneur #socialmediacoach

Big account customized hashtag= Coca Cola #togetherisbeautiful

Colourpopcosmetics customized hashtag = #ColourPopMe

Tagging accounts

I like to tag accounts that I know curate content and would benefit sharing my post.

Engage more than you post. Many people think it’s all about posting on your own account many times a day/week—unless you’re a meme account posting many times works in your favor. Otherwise, focus more on engagement than posting.

Instagram Stories

Try to post valuable content daily or at least 3-4 times a week. People like to see the person behind the brand. Personally, I follow some people not because of their instagram feed but more so because of their stories. I want to know the everyday life of how Moms who own businesses tackle their day with kids and career. Also, make your stories fun by adding:

  • Music
  • Gifs/Stickers
  • @Mention accounts (so you can get reposted)
  • Use apps to make your stories look more fun. I like to use Story Art or Color Story.

Ok guys I have SO MUCH MORE to share with you like:

  • The Art of having someone follow you within 5 minutes
  • 5 things you should be doing after posting on Instagram.
  • How to pick niche hashtags that grow your Instagram account.

Comment below or DM me if you would like a part 2 on this topic.

Have a happy and successful week ahead!

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