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Date Night Sushi: Koi Restaurant

Best sushi in New York

Looking for a delicious sushi restaurant in New York?

The baby daddy and I spent our anniversary in NYC where we went to Koi.  The restaurant may be a little hard to find since it’s located inside the Bryant Park Hotel and there is no actual sign outside of the building.  As usual, we were running late but the hostess was super nice and still seated us (it wasn’t packed since it was a Monday night)

We started off with the Koi crispy rice topped with spicy tuna. The rice cake wasn’t overly cooked and the spicy tuna had a nice kick to it.  The shrimp tempura roll was standard. I got the boss baby noodles that the waiter recommended, and baby loved them (this was an off the menu dish since I didn’t see this on the menu). The hubs got his vegetarian sushi (I know, sooo boring but he enjoyed it and I had a piece as well; it was fresh and I felt so healthy eating that 😆).

Ok let’s talk about my favorite part, the dessert!  We got the sundae which was vanilla & chocolate ice cream, a warm brownie, nut crumbles, bananas and topped off with a bitter sweet caramel drizzle.  They give melted chocolate on the side in a little jar so you already know I went crazy with that  😹 They also gave us the dessert on the house so we were super happy about that!

Enjoy the pics below!

koi restaurant new york interior
Front of the restaurant
koi restaurant new york
Beautiful interior
koi restaurant new york vegetable sushi roll
Vegetable roll
Feeding a toddler be like…
koi restaurant new york sundae
The Koi sundae
koi restaurant interior new york
Shrimp tempura roll

What’s your favorite sushi place in NYC or South Florida?

Koi restaurant

40 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018

Koi New York website

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