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Last minute Halloween costumes

List of last minute hilarious and unique costumes

# 1 Sugar momma

sugar momma last minute halloween costume

All you need is a sling and some sugar.  Guys can totally pull this off as well.


#2 Bubble bath

Throw on a shower cap, attach different sized balloons to your shirt, and hold a rubber ducky or your favorite shower gel.  Here I sketched in Lush Beauty’s bubble bar in bewitched which is shaped like a black cat’s face.   Check the video below this post for more help on how to create this costume.

#3 Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer last minute halloween costume

Cut out your favorite cereal boxes and staple or pin them to your sweater or shirt.   Carry around a faux knife.


# 4 Raining men

 last minute halloween costume raining men

Throw on a rain coat, rainboots or pumps. Tie a string at the end of your umbrella and glue on some eye candy on the end of the string.  You can cut the faces of men in rain drop shapes.

#5 Brawny Man (or woman)

Find your plaid shirt, pull on some denim jeans and carry your Brawny roll around.

#6 Emoji girl 💁🏽‍♀️

 last minute halloween costume emoji girl

I mean this one is pretty self explanatory but if someone asks what you are put your hand up and say I’m the emoji with hand girl…duh (Just make sure you say it like mean girls clip below)

Watch the 7 second clip below:



How to make bubble bath costume:

Dress/skirt version:


T shirt version:


host halloween party budget friendly invite

How to throw a budget friendly Halloween party

You don’t have to drop big bucks to throw a LIT  Halloween party. Read my list below to throw an epic Halloween party on a budget this year.



I love using Ripl or Canva app to create my invites.  I usually choose a big picture on the back relating to the event and put in the details.

Salma’s Costume Party

Oct 31, 2018

Time frame (so your that one friend doesn’t coming knocking at midnight)

Text to R.S.V.P

The invitation should be exciting and make people want to come to your party.  It’s the first item that sets the tone of your party so make it fun!


host halloween party budget friendly invite


-Fun Drinks like mixing coconut water and fruit punch with fresh lemons inside and plastic spiders or you can put water in gloves and  freeze the gloves so the the ice hands can be used in your punch bowl

-Tortilla chips and salsa or guacamole.  Have a hand sticking out of the salsa bowl

-Veggie platters with hummus

-Frozen Pizza or call up a delivery pizza spot

-Cupcakes (Try to pick a halloween theme which should be easy to find in the month October)

-Buy vanilla wafers and add cream cheese in the middle with strawberry jelly in the center of the cream cheese so it looks like a bloody band aid.  Also have an empty band aid box on the tray of your wafers.

-Put candy in a witch hat and leave it by the counter or table


Go to the dollar store/Dollar Tree or party city if you can spend the big bucks 🤣

Here is a list of optional items to buy: Continue reading