Welcome to Salma's Palette
Welcome to Salma's Palette

Top mistakes businesses are making on their Instagram account

Long checkout process

Why are you making it so hard for your customers to check out via Instagram?!

Please include product tags into your Instagram feed.  Are you selling a beautiful dress right before Valentine’s day?  Instead of 30 women wondering how much it is or having them DM you and wait for your reply, please use the product tag features for your account.

Glossier makes it super easy to check out. Be like Glossier 🙂

This post shares how to set up Instagram shopping.

Not talking about your product/service or talking too much about it.

People don’t understand what the hell you sell.  Your page has all these beautiful aesthetically pleasing photos and quotes, but where is your offer? Are you selling photography services? Are you an interior designer? Make sure your caption makes it’s clear so you are generating leads/sales.


Your newsfeed has the same product in every picture and your boring caption says “To buy, click link in bio” You have to learn the art of selling something without seeming spammy and sleazy.

Using the wrong hashtags

So many businesses are using generic hashtags that have nothing to do with their product, and they don’t have any hashtags based on their niche.

Your Instagram profile is not optimized

Visitors seeing your profile photo don’t understand what your company is about. No one knows where you are located. Your Instagram handle name has too many underscores or the name doesn’t align with the brand.

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