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Welcome to Salma's Palette

Cafe 34 Istanbul

The Best Turkish Restaurant in Orlando, Florida

Searching for an authentic Turkish restaurant in Orlando?

Cafe 34 Istanbul has mouth-watering kebobs, Turkish coffee/tea,  authentic Turkish desserts, hookah, and the crowd is lit on most occasions (def can’t find a husband here—sorry girls). They have two sections: one is a restaurant and the other has music, dim lights and is pretty much the fun side.  You guessed it, we sat at the restaurant section because we came with baby.

I always make a stop at Cafe 34 Istanbul whenever I’m visiting my in laws  (always a good time with my husband’s cousins), and I finally decided to review my experience.

Food review

We started off the night with falafel and hummus that came with pita bread.  The hummus was creamy and had enough salt—just the way hummus should be.  The falafel came with a yogurt dipping sauce that complemented the crunchy falafel with a nice touch of saucy softness.  Next, I had my chicken adana kebob entree that came with a side of white rice.  Their chicken adana kebob is ground chicken thigh mixed with red bell pepper, garlic, parsley, and spices cooked on skewers. The kebob came with a side of seasoned white rice.  If you’re from up North, then maybe you’re spoiled by the white sauce that’s a staple in Middle Eastern restaurants.  Florida DOES NOT have that! Well, this kebob didn’t need the white sauce or added hot sauce; it was simply delicious.

piece of chicken adana kebob on a fork

Last course of the meal was certainly the best: kunefe! Kunefe is a thin noodle like pastry made from semolina dough and layered expertly. Your tastebuds are in for a treat because it doesn’t stop there.  Inside is melted cheese topped with crunchy pistachio clusters and drizzled with syrup.  The flavors swirling around the  fresh, warm cheese were amazing!  It was the closest to the ones we tasted in Turkey.

kunefe bite with cheese pulling

To top this feast with an authentic Turkish experience,  we got the mint apple tea which is perfect to have a conversation over. Sadly, there wasn’t much conversation, since my daughter couldn’t resist the lights and music of the lounge side and we had to vacate the premises 😹

Apple tea with mint poured in a turkish small cup
Lounge area of cafe 34 Istanbul

Cafe 34 Istanbul

Check out their menu here

8255 International Dr. 144B Orlando, Florida 32819

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