Welcome to Salma's Palette
Welcome to Salma's Palette

9 content ideas for high engagement

As a business or content creator we always need to create content that will be relevant and provides the most value to our audience.

Here are 9 content ideas that will be easy to implement in your social media strategy.

1) Introduction post

Introduce yourself or your company. Share some fun details about yourself or why you even started your business or blog.

2) BTS (behind the scenes)

Do you sell wedding gowns? Show behind the scenes of a gown being handmade.

3) Ask your audience a question related to your niche

There is a holiday coming up and you want to know if your vegan bakery should sell vegan cupcakes or cookies. Ask your viewers to vote on their choice.

4) Showcase you product or service

If you are a bath bomb company, show a video of you throwing the bath bomb into the water. I binge watch these videos on Instagram ;-).

5) Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday post

Share a picture or video of your first workshop, office, or where you started your business to the present day.

If you started your business on your kitchen counter, but now have your own office, warehouse and 10 employees, then share your inspiring past and present.

6) Share a clip of your YouTube video, podcast or blog post

Sharing clips of content you posted on another platform is a great way to cross promote your social media platforms.

7) Acknowledge your employees

Highlight an employee or intern that is making great contributions to your business.

8) Educational post/tips

Are you a language instructor, skincare company or a makeup artist? Share tips that your audience will benefit from.

9) Shareable quote related to your business

If you own a social media agency, posting quotes about cats won’t provide value to your clients, but quoting Seth Godin will.

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